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Hasan Canoglu, born 25 January 1972 in Pülümür/Turkey. I came in 1977 to Germany to the small town Lorsch in Southern Hesse. After school and vocational training I finished my studies in Trier. In the years of 1999 to 2007 I lived in Düsseldorf and since then in Bensheim.

Art and design have always been challenges that have fascinated me and have allowed me to the realisation of my dreams and imagination.

After some experiments with oil on canvas, I developed my own style of art, which mainly deals with lively colours and floating figures. In this way, colours are symbols of luck, and the image, as a whole, presents the respective frame of mind. I have been painting oil pictures since I was nineteen, and thus far I have had several opportunities to present my works at exhibitions.